The IdleNexus community started out as a Counter-Strike 1.6 game server to help Valve test their beta linux server. I kept it running 24/7 on a university network and later added some forums for the returning players to community with each other outside of the game. The forums grew rapidly over the course of a month. In short time, the server gained popularity and remained busy all hours of the day. Lacking creativity, I named the community Marticus Gaming, after the domain I was using at the time


After a month or so of watching over the community, I found myself lacking the energy to administer the forums and maintain a positive gaming environment on the server while also keeping my custom mods updated and bug free. I decided I needed help, so I recruited some admins, beginning with the obvious first choice, a level-headed and unbiased player who used the alias, Merc. By the end of its short life, the community ended up with four admins, and everyone was happily fragging people without the need to worry about hackers and trolls, for the most part.


Sadly, within two years, the site had been shutdown by the university because of new network policies. I had no funds to keep things running on third party services, so the community forums and game server went offline forever. I had no way to communicate the shutdown as it came without notice. All of my friends there disappeared forever, except for my friend who now goes by the game handle Myrc.


Many years later, I decided to reboot the community under a new name, IdleNexus Gaming. I had hoped things would pick up, but lack of interest in any one game made it difficult to attract players. The games I enjoy playing these days come with their own hosted game servers, e.g., League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, et cetera. I leave this site open with hopes that one day, I will be approached by players interested in started a good clean gaming community with its own dedicated game servers.